Persia Consulting Group is a multidiscipline entity with 20 years of history, vast experience and know how across a wide rage of industry segments.

We are proud to have assisted numerous international clients from different industry segments to establish operation in Iran or expand their operation beyond the Iranian territories.

The Group consists of 4 specialized, independent entities :

Persia Associates

Entering the Iranian market is a complex undertaking.
We provide our international clients with high-performance solutions for all their business needs in Iran.


We are one of the few consulting companies that lasted even through the recent hard times of Iran’s recession. Times, that are well known for having been the worst in the contemporary economic history of the country. We therefore, certainly owe the consulting service to our clients as well as to the precision and dedication of our team.


The Iranian market is an attractive, though in some extent unpredictable market. The opportunities are great, but not always international companies dare to take big steps at once. Most of the companies, especially the mid size ones prefer to start in the market slowly and keep it steady in minimizing cost, outsourcing as much as possible in the initial phase.


Our project managers carefully review and analyze the source file for correctly matching it with a translator. The main feature that distinguishes these projects from the general type of translations that they require perfect command of advanced terminology and research. Our proofreaders and editors carefully review the translations for the assurance of our quality standards.