Speech at Internationalization Center Steiermark (ICS), Graz – Austria

FOCUS IRAN: Business Breakfast Iran

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alireza Azimzadeh

12th April 2016

Over 40 businessmen of various areas attented business breakfast at Erzherzog-Johann-Room at WKO Steiermark. They were informed about current developments in Iran and the country’s legal and political circumstances. Iran is a country that is focused by ICS. Because of its opening it has great potential as economic market and hub in the middle east.

Dr. Georg Weingartner, delegate of Austria’s business in Tehran attented the business breakfast and talked about the situation in Iran. Therefore he gave a summary of the current situation and mentioned relevant chances and risks.

Dr. Alireza Azinzadeh, legal counsel of AussenwirtschaftsCenter Tehran gave deep insight and background story of the structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran and emphasised the characteristics of Iranian business. He also highlighted how to start business in Iran, how to contract with Iranians and mentioned promising industries.

Afterward their speech 13 companies got  the chance to a talk to Dr. Weingartner and Dr Azimzadeh in private.